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Join me on Twitch + Spotify !!

It's been really exciting to connect deeper with all of you through my livestream virtual concerts on Instagram and Twitch! Livestreaming is super different than playing a live concert venue, so I'm currently learning it as I go lol - Twitch is complex for me to do, but has the best sound, so make sure you are signed up at !!

My schedule for now is Twitch livestream Wednesdays & Fridays 12 noon to 2pm (approx) and Sunday's 2pm to 4pm PST. Tell your friends as I can't wait to grow my audience & add more days, plus the more followers I have the more I can do special things there. 

I'm currently live-streaming on Instagram every Sunday from 1-1:30pm PST, so if you're not already, make sure you're following me on there -

Also please make sure you are following me on Spotify !!

When I changed my name on Spotify from Mozart to Heavenly, I lost a lot of followers and even songs. Then I had to change it again to Heavenly Reyna because there was already a well known band named Heavenly and I didn't want to repeat that problem. So now I have to build my Spotify up again and can use your support!

I hope you are all staying safe and focusing on whatever positives you can find in today's world - for me, lots of amazing things have been happening to me behind the scenes so I have been very busy with music :))

I can't wait to share more with you soon!

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