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Hello all of you lovely people!! Two major announcements today for you all - first of all, I have officially dropped my first wave of merch on my shop , and I've got a few more waves coming before the end of the year, so please let me know if you like it,

and also let me know what other kinds of merch you'd like to see !!!

Second, I'm releasing a 7-song trilingual holiday EP tonight at midnight EST 🤍

if you would like to pre-save it, you can do so here !!!

Three songs are English classics, and two of them have alternate versions

in both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

I was inspired by the Scandinavian term "hygge,"

the untranslatable practice of enjoying and embracing the joys of winter

that evoke coziness, togetherness, and the feeling of unity, and I wanted to make it universally enjoyable by not confining the music to solely Christmas songs.

"winter wishes" releases on ALL streaming platforms tonight at midnight EST.

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