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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Hey everyone!!! I'm releasing the official fan video for Exit (Acoustic), Wednesday, September 1st at 10am PST on my YouTube channel !!

I'm so proud of this video, thank you to everyone who participated and showed their creativity - we have people from 8 countries, 12 states, and 27 cities all lip-singing along to Exit from their cars, motorbikes, and rollerblades!!!

Thank you for all the continued love on Exit, keep streaming it everywhere and adding it to your playlists <3 - the music video for it has almost 90,000 views !!!!!

Also make sure to like, comment, and share the new video once it releases!!!

The officially produced version + music video of Exit, that I'll be doing with the incredibly talented Sueco, is coming soon and I can't wait until I can release it!!

Until then, there's some super exciting things happening, I've been on set the past week shooting a film on the Queen Mary, and I'm doing a 12 hour subathon on my Twitch channel for my 21st birthday, on September 5th, starting at 12pm PST !!!

Not to mention, I'll be officially launching a Patreon (tentatively planned) for September 8th, but might be pushing it back a week just to make sure I have everything set up!!!! It'll feature behind the scenes content, weekly life updates, and a monthly cover video for all my subscribers :)

all the love,

Heavenly <3

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