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Happy Chinese New Year! Trilingual Tales!

Since I'm fluent in Mandarin and lived in Asia for three years and went to local Chinese schools in Beijing & Penang, I really love Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year which is a MAJOR holiday in Asia. It brings back a lot of happy memories.

Like when I was on Chinese TV interviews when my 82 year old grandma came to visit for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Or looking back at this funny video of me bargaining in China and shocking them when I was 12 in Beijing and Shanghai. Or this Chinese song that I sang last year!

Most of my songs are in English, but my goal has always been to be a truly global artist and

be a bridge to other cultures and to use my talents and languages in a positive way to lift people up. So I’m beyond excited that I wrote my first kpop song with the wonderful people at SM Entertainment (which is the largest label in Asia) and will be doing more, as well as writing/singing some Mandarin pop songs for another connection and writing some Spanish and bilingual songs for myself and others. Let us all enjoy this celebration and year ahead of good things & renewal!!

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